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Stay strong, live long: how to overcome senior years challenges

Senior man with dumbbells
As we age, our bodies go through several changes. And this is why seniors might experience several health issues or problems when it comes to being active and performing daily tasks. The optimal muscle health is key to physical strength in older adults. During the aging process, the muscles deteriorate. And you should know that older women experience more muscle loss than it is the case with men. Anyhow, to stay strong and live long, you can implement in your routine the following tips. These are meant to help you over come senior years’ challenges and allow you to enjoy your life at its best.

Focus on a healthy diet with lots of protein

Because of the muscle loss we experience in the aging process, it is essential to have a healthy and nutritious diet. Yet the most important thing you can do is eat as many proteins as possible. Seniors require between 55 to 80 grams of proteins per day. of course, we know that seniors tend to lack the appetite to eat so many proteins, but you can opt from a variety of foods or simply make a protein-rich shake per day. Keep in mind that not getting your daily nutritional intake can make you weak and less inclined to be physically active.

Stay active and workout your muscles

After you adopted a healthy meal plan, you can always make additional lifestyle changes. Hence, it is best to remain active, as it can offer numerous benefits for both your muscles and mental wellbeing. Using your muscles frequently makesthe body slow down the muscle mass deterioration. So, no matter if you’re looking for advice for your senior loved one or you are a senior interested in the topic, we are here to help. Ourprofessional caregiving servicescan offer a suggestion on how to remain active without overlooking safety recommendations.

Walk 30 minutes per day

No matter if you have an exercise routine or not, a 30 minutes’ walk per day can help youstay strongandlive longer. Of course, you can split up this routine in shorter walks, based on your physical abilities. But no matter how you complete this daily routine, it will keep your brain cells healthy and your oxygen levels up. Studies show that walking can improve your muscle mass, but at the same time, it can shield the brain in the face of neurodegenerative diseases.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Older adults are more prone to developing additional health issues if they consume products such as cigarettes and alcohol. So, if you want to keep up your health, it is highly recommended to remove such items from your diet. Keep in mind that a high intake of alcohol can favor the appearance of insomnia in seniors, which can harm your physical and mental wellbeing.

The bottom line is thatstaying strong in your senior yearsis rather easy if you pay close attention to a couple of details. And, of course, our recommendation is to consider the help of acaregiving service, so that you get access to anything you might need to make the best of your senior years!

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