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Dorothy L. Johnson
In Loving Memory

Dorothy L. Johnson

November 30, 1933 was the birth of Dorothy L. Johnson, “Dot”, the first of two children born from the marriage of Joseph and Lauretta Robinson. She graduated from Alfred E. Beach High at 16 years old and completed Savannah State College, Summa Cum Laude, with a degree in education. August 4, 1951, she married her high school sweetheart “Sugar Boy”, William S. Johnson, Sr. They were married for sixty-six years and had five children who embraced those values of service and education leaving that as a legacy. To extend her knowledge and broaden her perspective, she took a sabbatical and traveled 11 countries. Dorothy and William took annual trips that included Hawaii, the Caribbean, and several Western and East Coast states in support of her husband’s career as a Union Shop Steward for New York City Postal Service.

Earning two Master’s degrees allotted her the opportunity to become a New York City public school educator, teacher, trainer, and Board of Education Administrator for 30 years. This became her lifework, which is a testament to her commitment to service Nr and positively touching the lives of those she encountered. Her lifework was her Divine purpose.

Dorothy’s entire life was centered on God, her family, and people. She was a humanitarian, a devoted wife, a loving mother of five children, and a loyal friend. She was a grandma to many children, young women, and adults. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 103. There is so much more history to her life that resonates in between the lines of this dedication that testifies to the full and rich life she was blessed to experience but more importantly, shares with others.

Dorothy passed away on November 13, 2018, after a short bot with pancreatic cancer. She was dearly taken care of by the owner, Shondtel who exhibited not only optimal professional care but also authentic love for her patient and her family that has won their hearts in accepting Shondtel as a permanent family member. Her inspiration, dedication, consistency, support, and knowledge of her craft with doctors and procedures was phenomenal in helping the family prepare for Dorothy’s demise which made it beautiful, dignified, and sweetly unforgettable. The experience was so impactful that Shondtel named her home care services after this dynamic woman of God, Dorothy “DJ” Johnson. Shondtel’s gift to care for others is so divine it must be shared with the world!