DJ's Home Care Specialists - Operating with integrity, good character, compassion,and love.

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About Us

Is It Time For Senior Living or Care?

We’re here to help
  1. Having the Important Conversations

    We’re here to help by providing care, security and companionship for the elderly.

  2. Discover What Care You May Need

    We offer skilled nursing services at all of our locations with professionally trained nursing staff.

  3. Further Research

    Gives seniors the confidence to remain independent in a professionally managed environment.

Frequently Asked

What do you need to know about DJ's Home Care Specialists?
We helps clients achieve a better quality of life with short and long-term services available. We are a company building bridges with love, compassion, and prayer.
Who is eligible to receive assistance?

Request a consultation for more direct information. Seniors or those who may be incapable of supporting themselves with daily living activities are eligible for our services.

What services do you provide?

We are a company that help clients achieve a better quality of life by providing skilled nursing, personal care, companion /sitter, and homemaker services.

How do I know if my loved one is ready for these type of services?

When taking care of your loved one becomes a burden or hassle, we are here to help. Your loved ones reach a certain age and there maybe an onset of sickness and diseases which leave them incapable of completing daily living activities such as driving to doctors appointments, grocery shopping, or even bathing.